Information, Clarification on Protection of Personal Data


Information, Clarification on Protection of Personal Data

Information, Clarification on Protection of Personal Data


Dear Sosyal Akıl Association communication network,

This information statement is prepared to inform personal data owners on the process of collection, storage, sharing, processing and deletion of personal data provided by Sosyal Akıl Association members, volunteers, donators, supporters, subscribers and stakeholders to the Association in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 (the "Law”) effected on 07.04.2016 by publicizing on the Official Gazette.

Sosyal Akıl Assocation has the title of "Data Officer” per Law No. 6698, and is facilitating necessary harmonization efforts to fulfill requirements of this title. You can share your personal data with Soyal Akıl Association via channels such as Association’s headquarters, representatives, web site, bank, donation sites, stakeholders and SMS verbally, in writing or over the electronic platforms.

Personal data provided by you will be protected by Sosyal Akıl Association in accordance with this Law, and will be processed upon your approval. If you approve, your personal data can be used to communicate our association’s promotions and information, to collect and compile statistical information, improve donation and volunteering efforts, to expand children and youth networks, to announce our conferences and seminars, to coordinate our events, to ensure participation in common activities with stakeholders, etc..

You may exercise the following rights in this extent at any time by notifying our Association in its capacity as Data Officer per Article 11 of the Law ( Accordingly, members, donators, volunteers and supporters whose personal data are processed shall be entitled with the following rights;


  • Find out whether their personal data are processed or not,

  • Request related information if their personal data are processed,

  • Find out purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for intended purpose,

  • Request information on third parties in and out of country to whom personal data are transferred,

  • Request correction of personal data if processed wrong or incomplete,

  • Request deletion or destruction of personal data if the grounds for processing no longer exists,

  • Request communication of any action taken per relevant articles of the Law to the third parties to whom personal data are transferred,

  • File objection against any negative consequences arising from analysis of personal data performed exclusively through automated systems,

  • Claim remedy of any damages incurred due to illegal processing of personal data.


Sosyal Akıl Association, in its capacity as Data Officer, promises to;


  • Observe legal principles concerning processing of personal data,

  • Obtain explicit consent for privacy and specific personal data,

  • Ensure that all technical and administrative measures are in place to provide necessary level of security in order to prevent illegal access and processing of personal data,

  • Respect above rights of personal data owner, and compensate possible damages.