Donator Rights Statement


Donator Rights Statement


Donator Rights Statement


We as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO); are an association that believes everyone of us has rights over each other and a responsibility arising from such rights; asserting that everyone should do their part in terms of social issues, and inviting the entire society and ourselves to assume social responsibilities. We care about donator rights as we care that our activities and projects gain trust and respect of the society, donators and potential donators are able to make safe and smart donations. We agree that all donators are entitled with the following rights. 


  • Receive information on mission and vision of our Association, how the donations will be used, capacity and intention of using donations efficiently,

  • Receive information on board of directors and managers, expect managers to fulfill their duties in a prudent and  cautious manner,

  • Access to current financial information,

  • Demand guarantee for use of donations for the intended purpose,

  • An appropriate appreciation,

  • Request to be anonym donator in accordance with the laws,

  • Request that all employees representing the organization to maintain a professional relations with the donator,

  • Know that whether the person asking for donation is a volunteer, employee or a personnel hired specifically for that reason,

  • Request removal of his/her contact information from the lists if to be shared with others,

  • Ask questions and receive immediate, correct and clear answers before making donation.